Chandler Winchester CLTC®

I was the fourth generation of my family since 1915 to serve in the financial services industry. My great grandfather Leon worked in the Mills of Worcester MA by day and sold insurance door-to-door at night. My grandfather Harry managed the family insurance agency, while at the same time building three mobile home parks. My father Kip helped run the family agency while also having a commercial fishing boat in Cape Cod.

From a young age I helped maintain the commercial fishing boat, mobile home parks, and family insurance agency. By day I helped with plumbing, electric, laying cement pads, landscaping, and other maintenance. At night I did the custodial work at the insurance agency. Over the next 15 years I worked in the restaurant industry, earning the AGM role of the largest night club in Fort Lauderdale, which I helped grow to 100+ staff and up to $250,000 in daily revenue.

A career in the financial services industry was a natural next step, for me. Over the past 14 years, I have assisted clients by helping to manage their varying insurance risk exposures, wealth preservation, and wealth accumulation needs. I accomplish this with a comprehensive approach that begins with actively listening to each client’s values, needs and concerns. I also integrate the guidance of the client’s other professional advisers, including their accountants and attorneys, as needed. I am a Providence, RI based financial advisor who works with individuals, families, small business owners, and their employees. I pride myself in working with those in industries that have helped build our country.

I graduated from Worcester State University, live in Warwick RI, and enjoy spending time with my wife - Kendra. I am the godfather of three beautiful children - Gavin, Zachery, and Madison. I served on the Board of Directors for NAIFA RI (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors), VP of BNI Capital Gains, member of RIMPA (RI Master Plumbers Association), and a Freemason. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, hiking, golf, and other outdoor activities. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, hiking, golf, and other outdoor activities.

Chandler is a registered representative and investment advisor representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc.